Experience the thrill of being on the water without owning the boat!

Items available for purchase (Taxes included):
Kick back and relax on our spectator boat!

Enjoy lunch and refreshments with 99 other spectators as we sail around English Bay. Excellent value for a luxury day on the water - all while helping out Easter Seals House here in Vancouver!

Price:   $50.00 CAD
Become a sailor for a day when you join a boat and become part of their crew!

Join one of our competing vessels and become part of the crew to experience first hand the joys of sailing. Our Executive Package includes a skipper’s pack, BBQ lunch and beverage and the thrill of being part of crew. Plus help raise funds for the Easter Seals House here in Vancouver.

Price:   $350.00 CAD
Extra Barbecue Tickets
Need extra bbq tickets? Get them today! 

Price:   $15.00 CAD